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COVID-19 Statement

Background Screening in New Jersey and the Continental United States since 1997

Prior to Covid-19 in 2020, manual, in-court research was the one way to obtain the criminal record data required for accurate, comprehensive background screening for employment, promotion, tenancy; just about every important business decision. A free online site was available, however it lacked comprehensive information (only partial DOBs listed, only guilty cases available, etc.). My researchers and I, had to visit the courts to utilize the public access terminals to complete a thorough criminal background check. Terminal access was limited; some courts just had one or two. This meant that access to accurate, comprehensive background information was limited.

When the COVID-19 pandemic began, in-court research was put to a halt in New Jersey. I personally had the courts doing 100 names per day for my company. I was among the first court researchers in the nation authorized to conduct remote court research in New Jersey. Remote Promis Gavel access fee is now $4.00 per minute.

Online access to complete accurate criminal records in New Jersey is a major victory for the industry. Researchers no longer are required to travel, and navigate the courts, or manage limited terminal availability. Peter Puma Enterprises employs researchers that work until midnight to complete your work, this allows my employees to focus on completing searches accurately, comprehensively, and quickly so Pre employment screening companies and CRA’s have access to reliable information from New Jersey when they need it. We also offer Civil searchers.

Our Turn Around Time is less than 3 hours. We will also work weekends.