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Serving New Jersey and the Continental United States since 1997

We started as an independent research company in New Jersey,our mission was to be an essential resource for background screening companies, the public and offer private investigation services at reasonable prices while maintaining the highest level of integrity. From day one. Our mission hasn’t changed, and will continue to be the heart and soul of operations. Since that time, Amazon Screening has grown every year, mostly through word of mouth recommendation. Every day my employees and I work aggressively to provide the very best quality information, in the fastest time possible, while maintaining the highest standard of integrity.

Please feel free to contact us to figure out what services are right for you; We guarantee you will be satisfied with what we have to offer.

Tired of making excuses to your clients for background check results from New Jersey?

This issue is now solved, with Remote Data Access to the New Jersey criminal data base
known as Promis Gavel, the criminal repository for New Jersey Criminal records. Civil
records are also offered.
Peter Puma Enterprises Inc. uses direct access to the New Jersey criminal database. which means waiting days for NJ criminal background checks is a thing of the past.

Now the wait in New Jersey is only hours, for accurate and comprehensive criminal and civil background check information.

My company has been in business, for over 22 years. My employees work until midnight
and weekends.

With online access to comprehensive subject history and case information from the
PROMIS Gavel system, along with cloud-based technology, Peter Puma Enterprises Inc. is
getting your Background Screening company or CRA closer to the data in NJ than ever before. The result is the fastest, most accurate background screening results when you need them to meet your client’s expectations. 
Want to get instant access to the best-in-business turnaround times and accuracy in New Jersey for your Pre Employment Screening Company, or CRA? Peter Puma Enterprises Inc. is available to you whenever you’re ready.